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Mr. Liow Si Khoon

Mr Liow hails from Alor Star (Kedah), where he did his primary and secondary schoolings.

In 1982, he was accepted in the Australian National University (Canberra) to pursue a double degrees (Psychology and Laws), whereupon he graduated in Psychology (1984) and Law (1986). He was then admitted to the Bar in A.C.T. (1987), N.S.W (1987) and the Malaysian Bar (1989). He has since been practising as a civil litigation lawyer from 1989 until now.

In 1995, He set up his law firm (Liow & Co.), and eventually specializes in court trial litigation, arbitration, adjudication, counsel work and governmental advisory work. Since 2014, he is a certified Adjudicator and is empanelled by the Asian International Arbitration Centre (AIAC), and is a Fellow of the Asian Institute of Alternative Dispute Resolution. He has been appointed by the AG Chambers as a Notary Public and he also sits in the Disciplinary Committee for the Disciplinary Board matters (for complaints against lawyers by public).

Apart from work, he treasures family time, hiking, cycling, travel, music and reading (together with a good cup of coffee).

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