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Lily Chai's Internship experience at Liow & Co.

September 2021 - November 2021


Yesterday, my sight was blurred by bittersweet tears, knowing it marked my last day as an intern at Liow & Co..

Three months ago, I decided to take a gap year from my law degree because law had never felt vaguer to me. "How does this work in real life?" is a question that constantly bothered me. Isn't it funny that a year two (pandemic) law student does not know what a court really looks like? (That's me!) I thought taking an internship might help answer the question.

Without hesitation, I decided to email my application to Liow & Co., because what else did I have to lose? And between the first interview with Mr Liow and yesterday, I was soaring up on cloud nine on the days I spent working here. Three months passed too quickly, and I had so much fun.

My heart felt incredibly heavy when I stepped out of Liow & Co yesterday. Not only they taught me what it looks like to be in the legal field, but I realised I also left with a little piece of Liow & Co. - pieces of compassion, happiness and fulfilment that I had never felt in so long.

I finally feel alive.

I loved working here, and everyone here makes Liow & Co. what it is today - an empathetic, warm, intelligent yet grounded team who is always able to find joy and jokes in midst of towering files.

I'll miss the intellectual and the nonsensical conversations, the contagious waves of laughter that penetrate the office with instant joy, and all the people here who taught me how to become not only a better lawyer, but a better human being.

Liow & Co., thank you for including me in the team and reminding me constantly with your actions that as a team, nobody gets left behind. You can obviously see this in the second picture where we held a hybrid farewell!

Thank you for being the stepping stone for me to go further. All of you made me believe that I can.

And yes, I now know how the law works in real life, and it's exciting.
I'm ready to learn more.

- Written by Lily Chai, December 2021

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